The rental market is currently very under supplied.  You will find additional properties available from other sources on sites such as Zillow, Trulia, and Hot Pads. We manage many properties but are experiencing very little turnover...tenants are staying put as they are not able to find replacement accommodations.  Many former rental properties have been sold to owner-occupants substantially reducing the rental opportunities.  There never have been very many residences constructed either multi or single family that were built specifically as rental income properties in the Evergreen-Conifer area.  During the 2007-2013 recession the market was flooded with rental homes simply because the sales market was so depressed.   I would like to paint a brighter picture but the finite supply of rental homes will not greatly expand any time in the near future.  There will be more rental homes available May - September as that has always been the best time to look for a new tenant (minimum vacancy and best rental rates) so a substantial percentage of the existing leases are on the summer turnover schedule.